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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Homeschool with Littles

At church yesterday, when talking to a friend who is thinking about homeschooling her son, she asked me how we did it with 3, ages almost 4 and down. It got me thinking. Honestly, I have an advantage, well a couple really. My husband is home a lot more them most, so he is hands on with school, or freeing me up to go though the stuff with the girls. I also, have a mom who is a teacher, and has been for about 15 years! It was so helpful when she was hear last, she gave me a crash course in using the reading program (Open Court Reading) and was able to tell me where Clara was, and what we needed to work on. I know Clara is just 4 (next week!) and a lot of home education people aren't pushy with school, but she is ready. She is soaking it up like the little sponge she is. I am not saying all 4 year olds are going to be ready, but she is. Our thoughts and goals with our home school, is to give the kids the best education we can, music and other activities included. We don't feel that the public or even privet schools can offer that. This is just our opinion, and don't want to push it on anyone.

Okay, on to what a school day looks like. We sit down and do school in the mornings, usually around 9ish. Now, school for Clara (Flora is either napping, coloring with us or watching a learning dvd, we have done all of the above) is about 20-30 mins. We start with reviewing the sound spelling cards she knows. And then adding another (she colors the card she is learning that day). We do 2-3 cards a week. The off days are review days, and practicing writing the letters. We do a sheet in a work book for what ever letter she just learned the sound for, and maybe have a snack that starts with the letter....all depending. Then we sing the ABC song, do some counting activities and read a chapter form a book.

We do Bible time as a family in the evening. Memory scripture, Bible store, Thankful lists (everyone says what they are thankful for) then prayers. This is before bed. Now, right now, school is short, and sweet, but as she gets older and we add more, it will be more time consuming. Yes, it is extra time, but well worth it. It also doesn't have to cost a ton! There are a ton of free, or close to free sites out there with loads of fun things to add.
These are a couple I like to look at. The second, always has fun things! :)

Are there any websites that have free, or close to it things you all like?


  1. I forgot to add that our school days are Sunday though Thursday, leaving Friday for Sabbath :)

  2. My FAVORITE site, hands down, is http://www.homeschoolshare.com ~ I think you might enjoy the literature based unit studies. Super easy with more than one and with the littles. And totally free. All you need is the book, which you can probably get from the library. And I've got lots of other freebie resources if you need them! Trust me. I do school on the cheap!


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