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— L.M. Montgomery

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I though I would share a little about Aaron's job. He is an EMT working for our local Ambulance. He has such a wonderful group of people he works for, we couldnt ask for better! :) How his work time goes is like this: He has 24 hours off on Friday night at 6pm to Saturday night at 6pm. He also has off 12 hours on Monday's (6am-6pm) and 12 hours off on Wednesdays (same as Monday). He is at home until he gets a call. Now some days (or nights) we might not see him hardly at all, while other days/night are quite. We are very blessed to have him home so much. We get to see him more then most husband/daddy's.

Here are some fun numbers.
120 hours a week
480 hours a month
5760 hours a year.

He went on 399 (if I remember right) calls in 2009...over 1/2 the total call volume.

Now these are not counting the hours or days here and there he takes off, or the Holy Days.

I want to say Thank You to Aaron, for working so hard and providing for us. We love you! You are our Hero! Thanks so much for all you do!

I want to make sure you all understand I love what my husband does and am very proud to be an EMT's wife. I am so blessed to be able to see him so much and love all the people he works for. This is just a brag post. :)


  1. You have a WONDERFUL husband! We are proud to know you both and call you Family, Amber! big hugs!! annie

  2. We feel the same with you guys Annie! :) *hugs* and I agree, I am married to a wonderful man! :)

  3. My husband is in school to be a paramedic, he has his EMT-B right now. I am excited to see your numbers! If my husband is home so much with us, we will be so blessed and happy! Thanks for sharing. :)


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