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— L.M. Montgomery

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Prayers Please

Please remember the Dole family is your prayers. Mike and Tracy welcomed Jethro Storms Dole into the world on Feb 26th with a very rare heart defect. He under went open heart surgery when he was 10 days old, the first of 3. Tracy got to hold her little man for the first time on his 2 week birthday. Since then he has been having problems with withdrawls (he was on narcotics) and some issues with his digestive system. Today (Wednesday, March 17th) they got a call they their house was on fire. Most of the house is a total loss, and what isn't is smoke and water damaged. They have 9 children....Will (19) Levi (17) Garth(15) Logan (11) Kathleen (9) Laura(7) Josiah (4) Ezra (2) and Jethro (almost 3 weeks). No one was home and the family dogs were out side. Kathleen lost her two parakeets that were a birthday gift. Tracy has a blog. http://farmlegend.blogspot.com/

You can send cards to me at: PO BOX 493 Worley ID 83876 and I will get them to the family as I am not sure where to send them now. Or if you want to make a money donation an account has been set up at the local bank. FBO Jethro Storms Dole, Sterling Savings Bank, PO Box 285, Plummer, ID 83851.

Mike and Tracy are wonderful people are going through a hard time. Thanks for your help and prayers. God is good and will see them though this trial.


  1. I just talked to a lady who works at the post office. They can also be sent right to the post office in Worley, they are setting things aside that come in for the Doles! Its so wonderful being a part of a small town. A couple people are also getting an app in to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for them! Their clothing was at their church because the washer broke before Jethro was born and the youth group washed the clothing for them. ABout 5 years ago they lose a baby at birth. Tracy made a beautiful memorial album for them to remember him by. She though is was lost, but God is GOOD and it was not! Such a wonderful couple blessings!

  2. Amber, so they are not in need of clothing? Is there anything else they might be in need of right at the moment? I can not imagine what they are going through and they are in my constant thoughts and prayers!

  3. I am really not sure at the moment as I have not been able to talk to Mike and Tracy as of yet.


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