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— L.M. Montgomery

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Noise with Dirt on It

I saw this today as a definition of a boy and agree 100%.

No matter what the activity, Andrew gets 3 times as dirty and make at least 3 times as much noise. Raising boy is different then raising girls and anyone who tells you differently is deceived.

We ordered a book that we have been wanting to read for a while. Its Raising Real Men: Surviving, Teaching and Appreciating Boys. By Hal and Melanie Young

So far, we love this book. Any parent who has a boy needs to read this. Its a good Biblical view on raising our boys to be real men. Not some feminized version the world it trying to sell today.

Here are a couple quotes from the book that stood out to me.

You can find Hal and Melanie Young (authors) on their website.


  • God made that little boy energetic so one day he could go out and conquer the world. At least, one day he'll have the gumption to support his family, minister in his church, be a pillar in his community.

  • But what about the dirt? Why do boys love dirt? And blood and guts and worms and insects? Because one day he might be waist-deep in a swamp, pulling your family our of a wrecked automobile. Or splattered with arterial blood while pioneering a new surgical procedure.
  • Are we willing to do what it takes, to BE what it takes, to let our boys be boys, and help them grown to be men? REAL men? Or will be sit back and take the long, sloping pathway to a gender-neutral, unisex future for our sons? Lets commit ourselves to doing the extra laundry and living with the noise, if that is what it takes to save the males for our children and grandchildren's generations.


  1. Maybe the authors will get to the "too cute" look of dirt on the face! I can't wait to see that sweet boy and his sisters!


  2. Notice he has his truck! An Ambulance to be exact! :)


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