"I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
— L.M. Montgomery

Monday, October 4, 2010


We are home from a wonderful trip and right back at it home improvement wise. Our plan was to do the floors in the dinning and living room (where carpets) this early winter with Aaron's bonus. We knew there were wood floors under the carpet, but with out pulling them up, we had no clue what kind of wood, or even if they would be refinishable. 

We were also in a quandary as to what we wanted to put down. Go with hard wood, laminate....so many choices. The problem I was running into, is that most of whats out there, in our price range, had no variation to the color/pattern like you would get with plank tongue and grove flooring, which we liked the best but the $ was....WOW!

Well, we left Lyla home, and she had a couple accidents on the carpet. We though, not big deal....we will just attack it with the carpet cleaner and be good as new. No such luck. The smell was stuck. Yuck. 
 (right after pulling the carpet and awful lanoloum where we have the couch and tv...the picture is a little dark)

We decided to pull up the carpet and see what there was. Worse case, we would be living with interesting (but no smell!) floors for another couple months. Well, the floors where much better then thought. They are a very pretty, clean (not a lot of knots)  pine (we are pretty sure) and other then a few spots (that are sanding out nicely!), they are in wonderful shape! 

To top off our happiness with wonderful floors, we stopped into the local hardware store to check on how much it would cost to stain and then put the polly finish on the floors. I knew what I wanted. I love the rustic, worn look to flooring and a dark hickory (smoky brown) stain. Well, since we have floors with character (rustic!) , I just needed the right color.....we found just the right color in the oops shelf. For $10! A whole gal of it. YAHOO! God is good. He knew just what I wanted and provided it.

So, Aaron is busy sanding, while I am posting here and got the cars posted on CL. We are going to work our rears off tonight after the kids are in bed and stain the floors. :) I am thrilled. Encase you have never met me, and/or have never heard me say this: I HATE CARPETS! :)

sanding....this is closer to the color of the wood naturally. You can see a spot that is going to be close to the color when we are done.

 Andrew "helping" Daddy sand! He loves the sander....he thinks its a truck :-P

Bye for now, 
One happy Woman!


  1. What a blessing! God knew what you wanted it made it doable. Now you get to use his bonus for something else! What's next on your list?

  2. Diana, since this is costing us about $50 instead of closer to $400, with Aaron's bonus we will get new base boards and find a wood stove. :) If we have money left over maybe paint....or a new stove (cooking one) We will see what kind of deals we can get. I think out home repairs are going to be based off of what we can get when. :)


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