"I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
— L.M. Montgomery

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Aaron's birthday is today. He is 32. I though I would post 32 reasons I love him. Some funny, some serious, but all 100% true and what makes him who he is!

  1. He loves God and tries his best to follow His Ways.
  2. He guides and directs our family.
  3. He is slow to anger and shows great mercy.
  4. He makes the best lattes.
  5. He is a wonderful Daddy who plays with his kids. 
  6. He works hard.
  7. He is a wonderful provider, shows great compassion in his job and is down right good at it!
  8. He is a great heater on a cold night, warming up the bed. AH! 
  9. He is working so hard to give me the kitchen I am dreaming of. 
  10. He loves the food I make.
  11. He has a wonderful since of humor.
  12. He is always making me and the kids laugh.
  13. He thinks I am beautiful and tells me daily.
  14. When he sings it gives me chills. His voice is so deep! Love it! Ok, kinda sappy I know. haha
  15. He does laundry. When he notices that a load is not going, he puts one in!
  16. He makes breakfast! I am a very slow waker-upper and this is such a gift on mornings I am having a hard time getting going. 
  17. He has selective hearing. He does not listen to the rude judgments of other.
  18. He is good looking! :-)
  19. He loves to be outdoors.
  20. He can fix ANYTHING!
  21. Did I mention he is good lookin'?
  22. He loves to cuddle. With me and with the kids.
  23. He tells us often that he loves us. 
  24. He puts the toilet seat down.
  25. He usually know's what I am thinking before I say anything. Like if something is bugging me, and then makes me talk about it. Even when I don't want too!
  26. He is quite, strong, but firm in his beliefs!
  27. His arms and his height are perfect for me to fit right under his shoulder. :) Again, sappy :-)
  28. He still makes my heart flutter.
  29. He loves his kids so very much. This is something that makes my heart glad on a daily basis.
  30. He is OLD! :-) Ok, so not too old, but it's still fun to tease him about. I love that we tease each other back and forth.
  31. He is smart. I learn so much from him. But he is also teachable and always striving to be a better man.
  32. He is mine! God has been so good to us!

Happy Birthday Love. We all love you so much and thank you for all you do. 
Amber, Clara, Flora and Andrew


  1. What beautiful words, spoken like a woman in love. I hope his birthday was fantastic - how can it not be with you and your lovely 3 children to come home to.
    Love and miss you all!
    Michelle Moore

  2. Thanks Michelle! I am madly in love with him! :) We miss and love you guys too!

  3. Ok, I think ALL your posts are wonderful, Amber, but this might be THE BEST ONE EVER!! But you are wrong on one thing --> Aaron is NOT old; ask me how I know. On second thought, don't! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!! BIG HUGS!! annie and denny

  4. Thanks Annie and you are NOT old. Love and hugs to you too!


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