"I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
— L.M. Montgomery

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Children Play

*Warning: Opinionated Mama who is tired of all yuck out there. Just venting here people!*

When children play, they play that they can be or do anything! There is nothing in their way, their imagination takes over and they go many places. 
Doctor, pirate, teacher, mama, truck driver. There should be nothing to get in their way of good clean fun! But sadly, this world would like our kids to be all the same. The same, mindless, unimaginative blobs that just think what they are told. 
They are being told lies. Flat. Out. Lies. Lies that say that men and woman are the same, when God's says that we are worlds apart in differences. They are told that two mama's or two daddy's are "normal" and "right", when God created ONE man and ONE woman to form a family. 
Good, "clean" fun!
The world has taken away the wonders of a child's imagination and filled it, instead, with endless TV and video games.  We are one of the top "fattest" countries. Children are watching an average of 6 hours of TV (or video games) a day! What happened to running and playing, and reading good, wholesome books (not the evil that passes as literature today!)
They are told that they NEED to have what's the newest and best (this goes for adults too), that their parents are mean when they are told "no" .

"No" has become a bad word. Instead of a tool to set boundaries and to guide and direct. "No" can save a child's life, but if the child does not understand that word, they will not listen! In fact, children today just flat out DO NOT listen. They have no manners.

We as parent are told that it's not okay to train our children, we have to bribe.  To give in to bad attitudes. We are told we must go, go, go to keep them busy and entertained, instead of letting them learn to just be! Kids are ruling families and they are not happy. No one is happy. 
Children thrive in a structured environment. Where they know what's all right to do, and what is not. They thrive on love, on time spent in play. In the sand, mud, puzzles, etc.
Practicing letters!

We, and our children, can only be happy when we follow God! HE says children are a blessing. HE says to teach, train and to guide our children. HE says to protect their (and our) hearts and minds. HE says to not be of this world. HE says to be a light.

We, as Christian, are in a fight against Satan. He would like nothing more then to win our children imagination, their heart and mind. To further destroy the Holiness of a family.
I want my children to have a pure childhood, one with little TV, no video games and TON of imagination and good books! I want our home to be a happy one, filled with adventures and good wholesome play.
"If I wiggle like this, I make it all colory"
We are fighting. Are you?

Please note: I know there are great parents out there, some of them are my dear friends. I am just so tired of all the yuck and sin passed off as good!


  1. Martha~ Actually it was a very good day in our house, the kids were great, it was a productive day. I am just so sick of all the awful things that Satan is doing to families and children. I am fed up with bad parents getting away with awful things, while those of us who are truly trying to raise our children in God's Word are labeled as "bad"....sigh.... they are taking away our children purity and trust!... just a vent! :)


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