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— L.M. Montgomery

Monday, February 13, 2012

2 weeks!

I have not posted in 14 days...that is a little scary. Sorry everyone. We have been rather busy. We decided to spend some of our tax return on fixing the bathroom floor, and spiffing it up a bit. Our house was built in three stages. The first in 1936, the second part in the 40's and the back two bedrooms in the 60's. The bathroom and back entry way are the 40's addition. The bathroom floor was rather sad looking, and we new we would find rot due to water damage, but were not sure how much we would find. 
Door looking in, Aaron made a slight "ramp" to transition from door which was still higher then new floor, no tripping hazard!

The gray stuff it the concrete, so worth the extra time and $! My bath floor is level!

Looking towards the door.
A bit over a week ago we tore into it. Up came the sheet lanolium that was falling apart, and then 3 other layers of wood before the sub flooring, some areas so rotten we are thankful no one feel through. Thankfully the subflooring and support beams were in good shape. 

After the old was up, new had to go down. two layers of OSB, then a self leveling concrete. On top of the concrete we put down down vynal tiles then grouted the lines (tiles are made to either peel and stick or peel stick and grout)
Door looking on, new floor is down! Now spiff up the walls with some new paint, new (tall) baseboards, crown molding and a a new vanity)

Close up of the tiles, grouted and sealed! We have enough left over to do the laundry area! I am thrilled with out it looks!

New bath fan/light combo. High powered and in the clearance section at Lowes! :)

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