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— L.M. Montgomery

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flowerbed Makeovers

We have a couple good sized flower beds by the front of the house. They don't have much going for them. Well, we hit a great deal on some shade plants for 50% off, and while they are by no means full or done, the beds are looking SO much better. One of the problems with them was that the ground was so hard, so we added in a bit of manure and some sand to help with drainage, pulled up a bucked full of roots (from the tree, they are a pain and EVERYWHERE) and tilled everything up really well.

Aaron started making a walkway with some flat(ish) slate rocks we can find all over this area. It looks amazing and we had the brilliant idea of mortaring the rock boarders I have so that they are more permanent. As we slowly gather the rocks (FREE!) we will keep the walk way going along the beds and then make a patio right out our front door. We already have a take and some chairs out there for summer eating, but it will look so nice when its done! I am loving it and will post after pictures as soon as we get the project done.


Left side of the front door.

Right side.

By the back door area.

By the gate and sad box.

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  1. Free is wonderful and hard-working creativity is PRICELESS! I'm looking forward to your updates on this project, Amber! Way to go!! :-D xoxo annie


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