"I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
— L.M. Montgomery

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Making the Sabbath Different

I woke up this morning thankful that we had all day to just be a family. No house work, no calls, just time together. A guaranteed day for us and a chance to Worship God is a wonderful way. I was thinking about what we do to make today different then any other day of the week. We found for a while ago, that it was just easy to keep with our every day schedule and found that we were not making day stand out in the kids eyes. So we made some changes.

First and for most, and I think this is a huge stumbling block for a lot of people, and I know it was hard for us to break the habit. We do not buy and sell on the Sabbath unless there is an emergency, meaning our car breaks down, we have to take a trip up to the ER or a family emergency. We do not stop for lunch or dinner after church. We do not get a coffee before church.If there is pot luck and I forgot to make something, we don't top at the store. We feel that God's word is very clean on this point. We are NOT to.

Friday night I (most times) make a nice dinner. Last night, the kids asked for hot dog and because of a crazy week for Aaron (meaning a crazy week for everyone) we had hot dogs!

Now, we wernt letting the kids watch their PBS show (or two, Martha Speaks and Curious George) that they like to watch in the morning, but we were letting them watch a nature show if they wanted to. Well, we decided that there wasn't enough difference, and while them sitting down quietly is nice for getting breakfast on, it just wasn't right in our eyes. Instead they play or read while either Aaron or I (Yes, He helps make breakfast! I am SO spoiled) make the oatmeal, or get the yogurt and fruit out.

We listen in by phone to Eternal Church of God. We love the messages and people and ALWAYS "leave" the service with a lot to think about and so thankful for truth being tough. We do this most weeks. We have been about once a month attending church with my wonderful in-laws and have enjoyed it so much. It's to far of a drive for us on Sabbath mornings (almost 3 hours) so we pack up and spend the night at their house, then head to services with them. The kids LOVE this! We also have loved the messages there and can't wait to go back. As you can see, we do a couple different things, we also attend United. So it works out to be one week at Pacific, one week at United and the "off" weeks by phone or internet to Eternal and United. Kinda strange I know, but it works for us.

For church time the kids have to sit quietly and play. Ether reading books, coloring or something else. When we are with Grandma, she has bags of special Sabbath toys for the kids, but at home and with us, they are stuck with the same old boring. *chuckles* The girls do great and we are working on "training" Andrew to sit and play on a blanket. SO far, so good!

After church, if the weather is nice we go out! Either just to play in the yard, up at the park or we will go for a walk. Today is nice, so this afternoon I think we are going to the park. Everyone in this house is MUCH happier, and sleeps better when we can be out. While the kids are playing, Aaron and I will either listen to another sermon, visit or join in the playing fun.

Our house is rather small and at times and feel a little "loud" with 5 people, 3 of whom are noisy and giggly! My sister usually goes into "their" room for some quite time when she is visiting, it can get a little noisy, but we love it.

We have a simple lunch and I try to have dinner ready to put in the crock pot. Today we are having stew and crock pot corn bread.

After dinner, if the kids already haven't had baths, they get cleaned up, we do family Bible time (usually a review of the Commandments and another verse or 2 and talk about them) read stories, brush teeth and then head into bed.

There is no calls for Aaron, I am not stressing about keeping things tidied. Its just a slow day filled with learning more about God and His ways. I am so thankful that God Commanded us to keep HIS Sabbath Holy.

I do want to point out that Aaron goes back on call ( he is an EMT for our small Ambulance Dept) at 6 pm. Any time that he is "on" that falls on the Sabbath he does not get ANY pay for it. Since most of the crew is older and the total number of people is very small, he volunteers his time. This is an emergency, someone life could be at stake.


  1. It's only Monday but your discriptions is making me yearn for the Sabbath already! Truly a blessing!



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