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— L.M. Montgomery

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home-Improvments

So now that we are buying a house, you all get to put up with home improvement posts as well. Isn't it grand? *big grin*

Our goal for the bit of money we have right now it to make the house more winter tight. That meant finding a wood stove instead of the electric wall heaters we have been using. Getting a new back door up. The old one was, well...old. It was a thin wood and the glass had been replaced with plexi glass at some point in time. In the winter we would have a nice little puddles of ice, inside the door from the condensation run off. If someone really wanted to, it wouldn't have taken much to break in!

We decided when we ran in to town. we would swing into the Habitat Restores and check out what they had. We have a list going of what is needed/wanted. We are also keeping an eye out on Craigslist for good deals.

Two cast iron wall sconces, to pretty to pass up, even though I am not sure where to put them. Cost: $6

Steel entry way door, in frame with handles etc. Prefect shape. Cost New: about $400. What we paid: $50

Bad picture of a really cute light for above the bath sink. New: not sure how much, maybe $40. What we paid: $10

Two outside lights, needs to be spray painted. Cost to buy ONE new: $40. What we paid with spray paint: $16 for two.

I also got a fan (nothing fancy, but has a light) for the sewing/guest room. Its got very high ceilings and the window doesn't open. The light fixture that is in there is old and is just one light, this will add more light, and help cool people off on hot summer days! Cost to buy a fan/light new: $70. What we paid: $10


  1. Yay! Love deals! :) You are so smart to start with what will save you money in the long run. I love the outdoor lights!

  2. Yes, our goal and plan to is to do what we can, when we have the extra $ and pay off the loan quickly. :D Lord Willing in about 10 years.


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