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— L.M. Montgomery

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Log Cabin for Carnegie Hall!

So, do you all remember the stunning quilt I posted a little while ago? Well, I am ready to tell you about it. My sister is done and busy selling tickets to raffle it off! She is needing to sell 150, $5 tickets to make this trip a possability. She will not sell more then 150, so chances are pretty good!

Log Cabin for Carnegie Hall  (link to her site)


  1. Amber,
    At first I thought my speakers weren't working when I tried to listen to Mandi. It does have a long lead time.

    Thank you for doing this!!!!! Will it be on the site as well? Can I have people at work listen? I don't wnat to send them all to your blog.

    You are a fabulous daugher and sister!


  2. Hi Mom! Yes, the lead time is long, I tried to fix it, but I think its just the recording....

    It is up and running on her site too, there is also a link there in this post.

    I love you guys!


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