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Sunday, January 9, 2011

House Goals for 2011

There is a Blog I like to look at, read, and drool over. Her home is so pretty, and cozy looking. 

The Nester  She also is the mother of three boys!

She posted her goals for her home for this next year, and I though I would too. 

House Goals for 2011:
  • Recover Chair (thanks for my mother in law, she is so talented!) and finish my curtains. Finish Civil War quilt.
  • Re-do kitchen.  This is a BIG project. We are going to use our tax return to do this. There will be no custom cabinets, granite or marble.  Since we are doing this with no debt. As is our goal.We will use good quality items, but save a ton of money by doing the work our selves. I love to good and am very excited to have a nice, function kitchen!  
This will include removing walls, putting in new support beams for the roof and a beam (floor to ceiling) in the middle of the room where the beams will meet.The living/dinning and kitchen will all be one open room. I LOVE open floor plans. It will make the space seem so much bigger. We are also raising the ceilings back up. Replacing stove and frig and water heater.  Build a brick wall and hearth and get the wood stove set up. Replace 2 windows and add an inside door to divide off the back entry way.

This is just naming some of it...it will be a big project, but Lord willing we will find good deal and have fun doing it!

  • The Girls Bedroom: Paint,. Build their beds. I found the curtains I wanted for them for $10! Yahoo!
  • Yard/Garden: We are going to be trying to kill the morning glory that took over the back yard. So we are going to be building raised beds and bringing in a load of nice garden soil for the beds. I am looking forward to home grown food again. I missed my garden last year. We are also praying to add a better fence.
  • Animals: The chicken coop is very lacking. I would like to build another one, but that might wait until next summer. We are getting quite the list going now.
These are just the big ones...there are a ton more little things we will keep doing as we have time, or a need comes up.

I will keep updates going as we check a project off...although some are ongoing! 

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