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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Frig.

So, since I took so many pictures of my awesome frig, I am making it's own post. 
Pull out freezer with metal baskets and an ice maker. Both top and bottom are out in this one. The dish washer goes right next too it, about where the bucket is, but more towards the wall.

Hard to see detail on a black appliance! The freezer is on bottom and pulled out, not a swinging door. The door for the frig part opens to the left.

Inside the frig. All of the shelves are adjustable.

Door. Even the top cheese/butter one is adjustable. The bottom shelf is not, but is large deep enough to hold a gal. milk jug.

All of the shelves in the frig pull out like the drawers. Supper nice! That will make cleaning so easy!

Close up of a pulled out shelf.

I am standing at the stove and looking towards the living room. The door way is 40 inches across and almost 8 feet high, it looks smaller in the picture. There is plenty of room for me to stand at the frig, pull out the freezer and still get by, or not be flat up against the cabs in the wall across from it.

Bottom drawer pulled out on the freezer. No bending and digging way back in the back to find something! :)

How did you sleep Mommy???


  1. My sister just got one like that! Those are really nice!

  2. Amber, LOVE the cabs, LOVE the fridge. You will love having the freezer on the bottom. I don't know WHY they even make fridges with the freezer on the top! Everyone knows that people go into the fridge portion much more often than the freezer, so to bend over or get on your knees to find something on the bottom shelf is just ridiculous! I'll think of you from now on when I'm doing that in my kitchen. We're so happy for all your wonderful home improvements. Aaron is doing a WONDERFUL job!!

  3. Martha~ I looked high and low before decided on this one. I am so far (less then 24 hours) very pleased with it! :)

    Annie~ Thanks, our old frig is the freezer on bottom and I love it. I am with you, WHY put on on top? :) Aaron is doing a great job! I am so thankful for all his hard work!


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