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— L.M. Montgomery

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

They are here!

Here you go Mommy (and everyone else who reads here too). Here is a picture of how the lower cabs will look after they are installed. They are not hung or evened yet, but I wanted to get pictures up! :)

If you stand at the door way going into the living room and look into the kitchen these are on the right, frig on the left. There are the same size wall cabs going above these. This will be the dishes and coffee tea center. Handy to the sink and dishwasher.

My stove, with the first dinner baking. Take a bake pizza. This is looking in from the living room.

Lazy Suzann corner cab. There is also a corner cab going on the wall. A large 2 door cab above the drawers then an above the stove cab with the rang hood.

Drawers to the left of the stove

smaller cab to the right of the stove, there will also be a smaller wall cab above it.

Sink base under the window, the dishwasher goes in part of the empty space then the frig in the corner.

The stain we are doing is called Red Mahogany, it's not very red,  more brownish red. It matched the brown in my counter tile very nicely.  I couldn't ait to get pictures, sadly, my camera battery died so the frig will come tomorrow!


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