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— L.M. Montgomery

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Early Spring Planting

Red Poppy that looks like paper!


Today was not nice and sunny like yesterday. Boo. But, not being made of sugar and able to stand a rain drop now and again, we headed outside this afternoon to get some more garden work done. We have to move everything out of the back yard (danger zone) because of over taking morning glory. We are spraying everything in the back, so that means, my herbs, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries all need to be dug, made sure they are not contaminated and then transplanted.

Today we put put a temp fence around the new beds to keep the basset out of them, planted the new strawberries and transplanted the old, and transplanted the blueberries.

edge of the raised bed.

Lovely dirt!

tulip getting ready to open.

new strawberries.

clearance blackberry starts!

Orange! Love these!



Green grape

 In these two beds I have early things planted. First round of peas, lettuce, beets, chard, carrots and two little plants the girls picked out. A yellow squash and a tomato. In front of the smaller bed will be my herbs.

The ceder (larger bed) you see here will be our garden this year. I am not sure how many total we will need, but weather willing I will have pictures of our summer garden the first part of June. Millie was being a bad dog and trying to eat the dirt. I think it might have to do with the bone meal that was added into the soil!

edge of the smaller bed and Clara's squash is the green blur.

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