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Monday, September 12, 2011

Progess Being Made

Aaron has been back at it, and progress is being made. We found out that, even though the addition for the wood stove is 80x30, we have to have an permit. Since we also have the rest of the living and dining tore up, we decided to eliminate one project right now. Getting a permit takes time, and since fall is fast approaching, we don't have a lot of it. We plan to put in a temp place for the wood stove, then pick back up the project when the weather warms up again this spring.

Here is what we are going to be working on this winter. 

  1. Finish getting the walls and ceiling insulated (needs to happen before we put in the stove, and before it gets COLD) . This involves taking down the three layers of stuff on the remaining walls, and getting the electrical where we want it (or where code says we need to have it haha)
  2. Put new window in the dinning room. Since the window is much larger then the old, that involved re framing the window frame and patching siding to make it water tight until we reside the whole thing)
  3. Hang, tape, etc the drywall
  4. Finish the beefy floor joices in the reading loft. Lay down the sub flooring up there and put the carpet down.
  5. Built a railing for the loft. 
  6. Paint
  7. Take up, and re lay the flooring in the dinning, stain and seal all of it.
  8. Kitchen counters, toe kick, end plates and finishing touches, like open shelves around the window, and paint on the ceiling/walls.

This is not an any set order save the insulation.  We are discovering that 1/3 to 1/2 of all the walls are NOT insulated! That would make the HUGE heating bills the previous winters understandable. I can not wait to see what all this work looks like in lower power bills! :)

While I am disappointed to be putting one project aside, I think everyone will agree that we have a LOT to do, and will be kept busy. I am no longer stressing about getting it all done before nasty weather (could be in a month for us, or shortly there after), and looking forward to having things in a finished place again, well, at least until we attach the bathroom and back entry way! haha

I will get some pictures up soon!

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