"I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
— L.M. Montgomery

Friday, August 10, 2012

Any One Out There?

I wouldn't blamb you all if you left! I mean, come on...last blog post was May 6th! You all must think I just up and left!
I am thankful for my point and shoot camera so I could still get pictures.

Well I did, just not by choice. Lets going way back to late March (or about there) , when it all started. Something happened to my laptop and we needed to have the screen replaced. Had it back in a couple of weeks. It was as good as new.
A boy. mud and food = a happy life

In a moment of utter accident and totally not anyone's fault, a cup of coffee was spilled on my Canon Rebel camera, my main camera, my expensive camera. I will admit, I cried when it wouldn't work. We thought it was the battery, so ordered a new one. Nope, still was not working right (or not at all) I contacted Canon about getting an estimate on getting it fixed and was quoted about $250. At that time we did not have ANY extra funds so it was put on hold.
Cooling off after picking green beans at the you pick farm.

Shortly after this the computer screen died (again!) about a week before its one year warentee expired. Took it in again....fixed. 8 days later I was looking something up when the silly thing got really hot and turned off on me. Aaron checked it out and determined that the fan had died. He tinkered with it a bit, goes to turn it back on and....nothing. After talking with his dad, and another computer guy, it was determined that the mother board was fried. Turns out they don't like to be hot. So, I have no computer and my camera is not working. Feel sorry for me yet? PS: HP STINKS (just my personal thoughts...but three things going wrong in less then two months = crappy to me)
A macro of some water on a flower. Taken with my point and shoot. Not to shabby! :)

We were able to get a tower and I am now back online on a real computer. I had my tablet, but heaven help me, I could not figure out how to get pictures off it, and onto the blog, and it was a pain to type anything long on. :) But, I am back, and will work on catching you up on the last few months.

Kids riding their bikes! :)
Want to know something awesome? I had my first photo shoot today, with my new camera (thank you mommy!) Its a big up grade for me, and a total blessing. After talking with a couple camera repair people, I was told my old camera was not worth fixing. It would have been $250+ if I wanted to get it fixed, but they advised to just upgrade(with out trying to sell me anything). Thanks to a gift from my mom I was able to. :) I am so thrilled to be back at it. Although I thankful for my phone and small point and shoot camera so I didn't miss out totally!

I will try to do a month at a time...starting soon. We are getting ready for a visit from my mom and our homeschool year is starting on Sunday! The kids are very excited, and keep asking, " Can we do school now?" I Am hoping we fall into our new schedule quickly.

So until next time (I promise it won't be 3 months).
Blessings and Good Night!

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