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— L.M. Montgomery

Friday, September 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home (and ME!) -Improvements

These are a little late in coming, but I want to get them up. Since we will be documenting all the improvments me make on our "home sweet home" I didn't want to leave them out. 

For homeowners insurance to cover the house, we had to fix a couple things. One of the the eve soffits was wood, and unpainted. It was falling apart. We (meaning Aaron) took down the old wood, made sure the end of the roof supports (or what every you call them) were in good shape, then put up new wood and covered it in the metal soffiting like whats on all around the rest of the house:

We have these huge old willow type trees (three of them) and while are are great shade, that are a pain when it comes to the branches. While we went camping and visiting Mom and Mandi, he cut the branches off the roof area. Before, they were touching the roof badly.

Later this fall, we are going to replace the patio roof, with new, clean, clear fiberglass! It will let in a lot more light this winter, what with the branches gone! 

This is my kitchen light from Roc Corbett. We bought it to put above the sink when we remodel, but its just to pretty to have packed away, so we put it above the sink right now and will move it later. I LOVE my light!

Sorry the pictures are not the greatest. It was dark out, and I was not level with the light so you get to see the light bulb. When the light is unplugged it is pinks and purples and irradecent shades of purples and a bit of blues. Lite, it looks like it has more yellows in it. You can also see the trim and cupboard colors we painted earlier this summer. See that bit of yellow with the green....thats what the kitchen was painted BEFORE we moved in, that, and a very blue blue. EEP!

One more lb lost this week! I had a good week food and work out wise. I have a new plan to walk with a neighbor 5 days a week. I am looking forward to the time together and also the motivation to walk daily!


  1. Nice light!! Glad you are getting a few things done on the house!!

  2. Me too. Slowly, as we can afford to, we are making improvements! I am thrilled! My father in law is great at coming up with ideas for adding room etc, and is going to draw up some ideas for us. Adding in a new kitchen area, laundry room and second bathroom, then a couple bedrooms in the attic is what we are thinking...down the road! :)


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